About Us

Scoresby Laundry and Dry Cleaning has recently undertaken a new management team.

Our vision is to provide you with the best Laundering facilities and services available in Victoria.

We’re seamlessly amalgamating our Coin laundry facility with a premium quality Wash, Dry, Fold & Iron service.

Our focus is to provide an exceptionally high standard of service for all customers, whether they are single service private individuals to our Multi disciplinary corporate customers.

To provide you with quality services, we keep our facilities clean and safe at all times. We strive to keep our equipment serviced and in full operating condition.

It’s important to us you feel comfortable, cared for and safe in our premises and have confidence your service will be provided correctly, first time, on time, every time.

Our team has a mixture of highly appropriate skills with more than 10 years professional laundering experience. Our people have worked with many facets of the Laundering industry providing services to Aged care facilities; small, medium and large commercial clients and individuals. The diversity of clients we satisfy have provided a wealth of knowledge which is here to benefit you.

We understand our primary purpose is to solve any or all of your laundering problems and to save you time. To that end, we are here to serve.

Customers requested the following amenity improvements;

  • Ability to drop laundry off and pick it up outside business hours. We’ve solved these time concerns by installing a “Drop Chute” and Locker system for unattended Service wash pick up.
  • Coin exchange machine. It is installed and operates reliably.
  • Free WiFi service
  • Comfortable seating
  • Reliable CCTV system for personal and possession security
  • Improved lighting and improved street visibility
  • Ample clean space for clothes folding
  • Extended trading hours
  • More choice for detergent products
  • Laundry Pick up services

If you’ve got suggestions on how we can improve your experience, please let us know. If we can find how to meet your expectations cost effectively, we will!

We have come a long way by listening to customer suggestions, If you have a good idea, it may benefit many customers.

We want you to help us go from strength to strength.