Our 6 Tips for Easier Laundromat Trips

Carting your wardrobe out of your house on laundry day isn’t exactly fun. But with our rules, the chore will certainly become a bit easier.

1.  Save Time: Sort Your Laundry at Home

If you sort your laundry at home, you’ll save time and have more work space  at the laundromat. You’ll arrive at the laundromat feeling more organized and can immediately grab machines and get the loads underway.
Use pillowcases or different coloured laundry bags for the sorted white and dark clothes for each load.

Prepare before you go!

2. Check the machine before you load in your clothes.

Remove any items that the person before you left behind. An extra sock isn’t a big deal, but a rogue tube of lipstick could ruin your favourite blouse.

3. Try detergent pods or bring your own detergent from home.

Stop lugging that heavy bottle or not. Tote a few pods in your purse to make the job much easier on your back.

4. Save Money: Use the Dryers Wisely

As we clean out our lint traps every day it will prevent fires and your clothes will dry faster, saving you money.
Find a warm dryer because starting with a dryer that is already warm will get those clothes done more quickly.
As you load the clothes into the dryer, fluff each piece of clothing by giving it a quick shake. The clothes will dry more quickly and with fewer wrinkles.
Be sure you get everything in the dryer before you start it up. Opening and closing the door loses heat and time.
Now that you’ve spent all that money and time getting those clothes dry, be sure they arrive home that way. Keep a large black plastic bag with your laundry supplies just in case you encounter rain on the way home.

5. Save The Environment: Go Green

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint at the laundromat, opt for a front-loading washer instead of a top loader because it uses 50 percent less water. Always wash a full load (you’ll save money that way, too) and choose a bio-based laundry detergent and use cold water as much as possible.   If you fold or hang clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer to reduce wrinkling and to skip ironing  

6. Save Your Sanity: Use our Smart Phone Laundry Apps or in store kiosk payment.

Our mobile laundry applications and in store kiosk can help you pay at the laundromat cashless.
Our web application and in store kiosk will allow you to have the ability to visit our store pay via the mobile app or the in-house kiosk mounted on the wall.
We also provide a change machine. Payment options include Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, PayPal and Samsung Pay.

Other must-have web app is a Washy! Laundry Timer so you can run errands or concentrate on something else while your clothes are washing.
The app gets you back to the washer when the cycle ends, preventing the disasters of someone else dumping your wet or freshly dried clothes on the floor.